2 comments on “Peter’s Prayer for Tabitha

  1. Hì. Years ago while on the mission field in mexico I felt like peter moe than once. I had to cross a flooded river at Gods command here was no way that I could see to do it but he told me to At first in my friht and lack of faith I asked Him where the boat was ireminded Him that noah had an ark.than He said come for the second time and I asked if He was going to part it like the red sea than He said, come peter and I knew live or die I had to go so I hicked up my habit and obeyed I crossed the river walking on sand but found ou there was no sand in the river 20 other young people crossed after I did and we saw great miricles in that village.but that was when we. Were informed by a local pastor that ther was no sand in the river. Now we still had to return so that was. Another step of faith. We were crossing as before and I wanted to prove that there was sand .So I said hey you guys to the rest of the group and I reached down toget ahand full of sand and I was touching the bottom of my foot.There was no sand in the river.that’s when I understood how peter could have walked on the water when the Lord said come .he could have felt the sand.when he started to sink he might have realized that there was no sand in that part of the sea.and Jesus had to put him back on Gods sand so they could return .I want to see peter when I go to heaven and I will ask him if he felt the sand .what I. Doi know is that to walk on water you must first obey ond get out of your boat.

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